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The Service
Want a digital out board for the ultimate in sound quality, but don't have the necessary electronics or metalworking skills? Fear not! Who better to install the equipment than the designers themselves? We can put our 40+ years of electronics and metalworking experience to work installing the board for you. Your player will be returned to you quickly, with a turnaround of 1 week or less.
How it Works

First we professionally solder the wiring harness to the signal pads on the player circuit board. The wiring is tested for signal integrity and then the player is completely disassembled in preparation for hole fabrication.

We then use a custom precision die unit in conjunction with a 2-ton arbor press to create the holes for the digital output terminals. Some of the equipment we use:

Die Press
Die Cutters and Associated Guides provided by Dave Balkun of Okay Industries (Click to enlarge) 2-Ton Arbor Press (Click to enlarge)
Following that, we reassemble the player, piece by piece, permanently install the digital out board and connectors, thoroughly test everything, and return the player to you.
The Details
We use only 63/37 solder for all electronics work. All electronics work is done in an ESD (electrostatic discharge) safe area using an ESD safe temperature controlled soldering iron. The casing and all delicate components are masked off or safely stored from harm's way. Parts and labor are covered by a 90-day limited warranty (see Terms and Conditions for details). Bottom line, your player is safe with us!
Please follow these steps to arrange for us to install your digital out card:
  1. Order the desired model of digital out board from the appropriate order page.
  2. Order the installation service corresponding to your model of board from the appropriate order page. You will be provided with our mailing address and other contact information via e-mail.
  3. Ship your player to the address we provided you in step 2.
  4. Wait for your player to arrive with the digital out board of your choice professionally installed
  5. Sit back and enjoy!
What it Costs
We offer two installation services at two price levels.
Coax and I2S Models All Optical Models
Price: $99.99 + shipping Price: $124.99 + shipping

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