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The Service
If you have a Rio/Empeg Illuminated Button Kit, but fear the installation process, look to us to install it for you. As with our Tuner Assembly Service, we are your best option if you live within the US. Your player will be shipped back to you within one week of our receiving it.
The Details
We work with care using the highest quality equipment and assembly supplies. Workmanship is covered by a 90-day limited warranty (see Terms and Conditions for details). Bottom line, your player is safe with us!
Please follow these steps to arrange for us to assemble your button kit:
  1. Obtain your button kit from us or other source.
  2. Order the button installation service from the appropriate order page. You will be provided with our mailing address and other contact information via e-mail.
  3. Ship your player to the address we provided you in step 2.
  4. Wait for your player to arrive with the button kit installed.
  5. Marvel at the glow of your new buttons!
What it Costs
All Lighting Installations
Price: $64.99 + shipping

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