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At Eutronix, we enjoy performing repairs on various electronic devices. Although we specialize in repairing RioCar and Empeg MP3 car audio players, we are also able to work on other devices as well. The majority of our repair work involves replacing known faulty components, but we are often able to diagnose unknown damage as well. We work extensively with both through-hole and surface mount technologies of all pitches. If you have a malfunctioning device, please do no hesitate to contact us for a quote.
Some of the RioCar/Empeg-related repairs we perform
Replace AC Power Jack- If your player is no longer assuming appropriate "home" and "car" settings the power jack may need replacement.
Replace VFD- If the display nipple (small protruding piece of glass on the right side of the display element) is broken or only a portion of the display is lit, you may need to have a replacement display installed.
Replace Display Fuses- If your display appears "garbled" the fuses may need to be replaced.
Repair Damaged Traces- We can reconnect broken traces
Repair Cold Solder Joints- Sometimes solder joints pull apart from expansion, contraction or strain. This is a known problem with RioCar and Empeg IDE headers. If your player is reporting that there is no hard disk found, this MAY be the problem. The best way to tell is to open the player and visually inspect the solder joints to see if they appear intact.
Repair Display Cable- If the display is dark, one of the wires in the ribbon cable may have been severed. The best way to find out is to open the player and have a look at the cable.
Replace Rotary Encoder- If volume control is becoming erratic, the rotary encoder driving it may need replacement.
Other electronic repairs we have performed
Repaired Lightning Damage to Digital Clock Clock did not operate due to damaged transistor and melted wires. Clock was restored to like new condition.
Repaired loose Connections in Audio Preamplifier. Audio output was sporadic due to faulty solder joints and loose connections. Unit was opened, joints were resoldered and reliable operation was restored.
Hardwired Light Bulbs Replaced in Audio Amplifier- Faulty light bulbs inside the amplifier were desoldered and replaced with equivalents.
Laser Printer Repair- We now repair laser printers of all makes and models! If your laser printer is out of warranty and in need of service, please contact us for a quote today!
The is only a sample of the work we can do. If you do not see your problem listed above it certainly does not mean we cannot correct it for you. Please contact us with details about your situation for a quote.



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