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Add much needed lighting to your RioCar or Empeg Mark 2 and Mark 2A controls! Using eight high intensity solid state light sources, your car player controls will look more spectacular than ever before. Most importantly, finding the controls is greatly facilitated.

Using a small circuit board and eight solid-state white LED light sources, it is now possible to illuminate the controls on your Empeg or Rio Car. All parts necessary to illuminate the player's four buttons and knob are included. The supplied circuitry works in concert with the Hijack player kernel to provide eight flicker-free brightness levels. Installation can be user-installed o professionally installed by us. Average time for user installation is about two hours and is recommended for those with advanced electronics skills only.

Cast Translucent buttons and knobs are available from us in limited quantities and colors. Please contact us for more information.

For injection molded buttons and knobs, please visit the Greenlights site.

What's Included:
1 - Custom silk-screened printed circuit board
1 - Surface mount transistor
1 - 1K ohm resistor pack
1 - 10K ohm surface mount resistor
2 - Feet hookup wire
4 - 100 ohm surface mount resistors
4 - Surface mount white or ultraviolet LEDs
4 - White or ultraviolet 3mm LEDs

Now Available with Ultraviolet LEDs!
For those of you wishing to experiment with phosphorescent materials, we now offer lighting kits with ultraviolet LEDs. These LEDs operate with peak wavelength output at 400 nM, allowing all phosphorescent materials to glow brightly when exposed.

Notable Improvements
When we designed the lighting kit, we sought to improve on the previous offerings of others. Among the most notable of improvements are the extensive use of silk-screening, the notched corner in the knob light board, and most importantly, improved availability! Additional improvements include a more thorough, and clear instruction manual in a handy, easy to download and print Adobe Acrobat format.




Please download the latest manual for our lighting kits here.


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