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Want to add sound to your next project?

We have recently come across a line of ICs from Oki Semiconductor of Japan that features a built-in digital to analog convertor, 4-8 megabit flash memory, and simple 'phrase' based sound storage. By adding an ML22Q54 or ML22Q58 to your design, your next project can feature voice prompts, sound effects, real music, or anything else you can imagine. The device can be interfaced via serial or parallel connection, but must be programmed with a dedicated programmer. This can be done either in circuit or bare chip. If you would like to use these ICs, but do not wish to invest in the multi-thousand dollar programming equipment, please see below; we can help!

For more information on the ML22Q58 and ML22Q54 please see the datasheet. For purchasing, please contact NuHorizons.

Oki ML22Q54 and ML22Q58 Programming Service

Because we already own all the programming equipment needed to load sound files onto the Oki ML22Q5X, we offer a programming service for hobbyists or businesses that wish to enter into the world of speech synthesis ICs without all the expense. Additionally, we are equiped to produce and edit sounds as requested using high quality Shure studio microphones and up to 192 kHz 24-bit Tascam digital recording equipment. Production rates are $100/ hour.

Depending on what the customer desires, we may employ either the in circuit programmer on the left or the bare chip programmer on the right. Any size programming task is acceptable, from one piece up. In order for the in circuit programmer to work with your application, you must layout your circuit as shown in this schematic as well as this programming guide.This is imperitive. If you are unsure about how to achieve this, please contact us or opt to have your bare chips programmed instead.

ICSP ML22Q58 ML22Q58 CTL Kit
Arex On-Board Writing Tool for ML22Q54/Q58 (Click to enlarge) Oki ML2250 CTL Kit for bare chip programming of ML22Q58 and ML22Q54 (Click to Enlarge)
The Details
To get started, please contact us, describing exactly what you would like done. Any audio files you wish to have uploaded can be attached after we have agreed upon terms, but please send them in a .zip file. Prices are generally on a per unit/chip basis as below, but quantity discounts may apply.
What it Costs
Our programming services pricing are comprised of two elements, a setup fee which includes any phrase table creation, and per unit programming fee.
Setup Fee Per Unit Price
Price: $59.99 + shipping Price: $5.99 + shipping

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