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Tuner Assembly Service
Planning to buy a PCATS Tuner Kit for your Empeg or RioCar, but don't feel comfortable assembling it yourself? Put your fears to rest. If you live in the U.S., we are your best option, as you can avoid all potential headaches with customs that could result if you were to have a foreign third-party assemble your tuner kit. We can put our 40+ years of electronics experience to work assembling your kit for you. We work fast, with turnaround of 1 week or less.


Lighting Installation Service
If you have an Empeg/RioCar Illuminated Button Kit, but fear the installation process, look to us to install it for you. As with our Tuner Assembly Service, we are your best option if you live within the US. Your player will be shipped back to you within one week of our receiving it.
Sound Card Installation Service
Want a digital out board for the ultimate in sound quality, but don't have the necessary electronics or metalworking skills? Fear not! Who better to install the equipment than the designers themselves? We can put our 40+ years of electronics and metalworking experience to work installing the board for you. Your player will be returned to you quickly, with a turnaround of 1 week or less.

Electronics Repairs
Although we mainly work on Empeg and RioCar MP3 players, we also repair other devices as well. If you have a malfunctioning device, please visit the Repairs page for more information.


Sound Programming Service

We offer a number of programming services for the Oki ML22Q5X line of flash-based speech synthesis ICs. If you would like to add sound to your next project without investing in expensive proprietary programming equipment, give us a try!



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